Installing AnyDesk on Fedora

A snap of any desk.

AnyDesk is a German proprietary remote desktop application distributed by AnyDesk Software GmbH. The software program provides platform independent remote access to personal computers and other devices running the host application. It offers remote control, file transfer, and VPN functionality.

Follow the following steps to install AnyDesk application on your fedora operating system within a matter of seconds😎.

Step 1: Downloading AnyDesk

Download AnyDesk using this link and choose whether you want one for a 32Bit or 64Bit system. After choosing your right option, proceed by clicking the Download Now

Step 2: Installing AnyDesk

Now, since we’ve already downloaded our application, the next step is to install it. To achieve this, let’s go to the Downloads folder (The location in which the application has been downloaded to), and right click to open the terminal.

Type this command on the terminal within your Downloads folder:

Step 3: Starting The Application

  • On your terminal type this command:

Optionally, you can search it on “Show Applications” section and even adding it to your favourites using the right click → Add to favourites.

  • On the “New Session” Window, if you want to connect to another computer remotely, add the address of the remote desk in “Remote Desk” Section and click connect to start connecting to the remote computer. If you want someone else to connect to your computer, share your AnyDesk-Address located at the “This Desk” section.

Fallback:: How to uninstall AnyDesk

In case you need to uninstall AnyDesk, you can do this at any moment. Make sure you exit any ongoing sessions before unintended removal of AnyDesk. To accomplish this, simply enter the below code as superuser in your terminal and click enter.

That’s all for now. Feel free to leave any recommendation.

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