Promoting Your Brand & Apps On Google Developer Page

Promote Your Apps On Google Play

By now I trust you’ve already created a few apps on Google Play Store, and your next intriguing question as a developer is, “How do I market my apps as a developer on Google Play?”, well, today I’ll be focusing on you as a developer.

In this episode of “How To Promote Yourself As A Dev On Google Play,” we will focus on having one of the basic requirements before exploring other ways. The main focus of today is on creating a developer page. So, Sit tight, have a sip of coffee☕, and let’s dive into this.

Creating A Developer Page

Sample Screenshot As Seen In Supercell Developers Page
Sample Screenshot As Seen In Supercell Developers Page
Sample Screenshot As Seen On Supercell Developers Page. Best Game Development Company in Finland

NB: To create a developer page, you need to have at least one published app on Google Play. After you’ve created a developer page, users can visit your page on Google Play. You’ll also have an assigned URL that you can use to share your page. Users can visit your developer page to learn more about your brand, discover an app you want to feature, and find other apps you’ve published on Google Play.

1a) Log in to your google console and head over to >All applications →Settings→Developer Page .

Screenshot of The Google Console Menu Showing The Settings Location

1b) Ones you on Developer Page, you’ll be greeted with a page similar to the one attached below. Head over to the GET STARTED button and click on it

Screenshot Displaying the Developer Page as seen in Google Play 2020

After clicking the Get Started, you’ll be taken to publish your app page with five requirements with three of which are mandatory:

  • Promotional Text(Mandatory) — This is where you market yourself using catchy words. You can a simple information like “about your company” information here.
  • Website — This is where your potential clients will be redirected to, upon clicking the “Visit website” link displayed in footer section. You can add a unified resource locator of your parent company or direct one to your portfolio. e.g as a sample.
  • Graphic Assets(Mandatory) — The first thing to add here, is the Developer Icon{your logo as I call it and must be a 512*512px} and a Header Image {The header background image, you can insert one from your portfolio but resize it to fit a 4096 * 2304px}
  • Featured App — Choose the app to be displayed on the Featured App section from your list of apps.
Your URL will be shown here above after completing the above steps and ready to be viewed globally

If you’ve followed the above steps, your new developer page will now be visible by everyone. Next will explore how to create ads and marketing the apps outside Google Play. Stay Safe! Fight Corona! And Let’s meet again. Cheers!

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